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To add your name to the customs list please fill out this form and hit submit. Your name will not automatically come up on the list, I will check if your name is already on there and then manually add it. Please have patience I don't always update the list every day.



1. ALL In-stocks for planned stockings, Firefly Collective stock, and listed
custom spots will take precendence over this custom list - I will ONLY use
this list when i have time to fit extra nappies in. Please do not join the list
if you are not happy to wait or if you will get upset by me doing other stock or
custom slots while this list still has names on it - I do not want this list to
take over my entire business

2. I am currently working full time outside of the home, this means I do 
not have as much time to sew as I used to and there may be a wait to receive 
your nappy. If you think you will have a problem with waiting please do not
add your name as you will only be disappointed. 

3. Once a month I will email a small number of people on this list to take
their custom order. You have 48 hours to reply to the email so please
use an email address you check regularly. NO SECOND CHANCES - I
do not want to waste time chasing people. If your name has been
removed from the list due to non-contact you can re-enter your name to the
bottom of the list if you wish

4. When I contact you letting you know your spot has come up you have 48
hours to let me know exactly what you want for your custom and
FULL payment is due in that time. If you are unable to pay on time or you do
not have your custom details chosen you will forfeit your spot.
You can add your name to the bottom of the list again if you wish.

5. Each custom spot is for 1 nappy only.

6. Custom nappy orders have restrictions - no out of print minky
colours for customs (aurora, misty sea, fairyfloss), you choose an inner
fabric but not the colour, I reserve the right to not do a custom that I think is
not going to look nice - I will suggest alternatives in this case

7. The base cost for an unembroidered plain Flattery Nappy is $37.50. There are additional
charges for splicing and embroidery - a full price list will be detailed when
you get your custom listing.

8. Your spot is not transferrable - if you cannot afford your custom at the
time your name comes up you are not permitted to transfer it onto a friend
or swap with someone else - your spot is for you and you only.

9. I will not imitate styles or designs of any other WAHMs nappies - I think
that is terribly poor form so please don't even ask. If you are linking me to
a photo of a different brand of nappy asking me to do something like
it your response will be a flat out "no" and you will likely lose your spot ;)



nappy in progress

Tamz Adkins  X
Jenna Ward  X
Hayley Feighan  X
Trista Wilksch  
Sarah Clout  
Naomi Heckendorf  
Virginia Blakemore  
nicole pace  
Michelle Brown  
 Celine Langfield-Tang  
Janice Litzow  
Kara malcolm  
Bex Nixon  
Nicole Salata  
Kerren Bowles  
Laura Gaughan  
Carly Lougoon  
Jannah Whitmore  
 Amanda Thompson  
Rebecca Henderson  
Jess Orr  
Danielle Richens  
Carley Valikoula  
Alexis McGowan  
Jesse Kavanagh  
Frenty Sinurat  
 Kym Stokes  
Sharon Murphy  
Krystal reynolds  
 kirstie spagnolo  
Siobhan Singh  
melissa Prescott  
Blair Page  
Karen Tansley  
Karen Inall  
Amber Scislowski  
Casey Rutherford  
vera ruchti  
Katharine Ullrich  
Sacha Sheehy  
Bree Hall  
Carrie Tarnawski  
 Lisa Puddephatt  
 cassie wenman  
 Catherine Brady  
Rebecca Dearing  
Cindy Cobern  
Cassie Benson  
Stacie Wyllie  
Tori giblin  
Kaija Ross  
Alysha Eden  
Melissa Rotondo  
Leanne Padovan  
 Jo Worsley  
Chloe halls  
Stacey beale  
Lisa Singh  
Kate Radford  
Lizzie McDougall  
Hiroko Price  
Anastassia Runciman  
Jordana Lougoon  
Britt Louwrens  
Tess Calder  
TePania Quinn  
Janine fuller  
 James lee  
 Krystal Goodman  
Eleisha Stevens  
Tee (Teliah) Denman  
Tania Hielscher  
Amy Riley  
Nicola Taylor  
erin Stuart  
Tanya Cernak  
Rebecca Sykes  
Sue-Anne Gould  
Karlie Yardy  
Kate kemp  







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